Matt & Scott are two close friends who both found CBD beneficial to their lives in uniquely separate ways, but couldn’t find the simple organic raw quality they both wanted.

Wading through the confusing online marketing and hundreds of different hemp products and oils they tried lots of different brands and found that there was a massive inconsistency in quality and misleading claims of CBD content. After going on the hunt for a reliable source they realised that many of the companies had sub-par traceability and testing with profit being the major focus.

After a few months of researching they finally found a leading UK based manufacturer with traceability from seed to bottle and rigorous quality control. Now having formed a solid relationship they are moving forward to get high-quality CBD for not only themselves but for you as well.

Cbd is just one part of the Cannabinoid family and just one compound of the hundreds that are present in the raw oil when extracting CBD. These Compounds, Resins and Oil are also known as Terpenes are hugely beneficial to us on their own and also amazingly work together in the “Entourage effect”. We add certain terpenes to our oils to help influence either a calming effect or an energising effect.

Our aim is to produce CBD products that contain as much of the raw goodness as possible without the fancy confusing advertising tactics. Producing a high-quality cbd oil and adding different mixes of natural terpenes to either help energise you in the daytime or calm the effects of a stressful day in the evening.

We fully believe in the positive effects CBD can have on maintaining general health and wellbeing and we hope to get the highest quality CBD into the hands of as many people as possible forging a way to a happier healthy lifestyle.